The Team

What does the Learning Innovation team do?

Learning Innovation is responsible for the delivery and implementation of the Institute’s eEnvironment project, and is considered the Institute’s ‘go to’ department in the design, development, implementation and evaluation of the Institute’s blended learning and online support environment.  It  provide eLearning solutions to meet the learning needs of our students and the training needs of our Institute partners. It provides solution strategies for the Institute’s delivery departments and support areas in relation to the design, implementation and evaluation of blended learning objectives.

The teams main focus is on enterprise wide, scalable solutions and encompasses the innovative design of programs, advice on back office and front office e-systems and the management of eLearning projects.

The team

Geoff Young, Team leader

Geoff is the Team leader of Learning Innovation as has been employed by Wodonga TAFE since 2003.

He has been in his current role since 2009, previously he taught Computer Aided Design within the manufacturing & Design department.

Primary responsibilities of this senior educator role include-

  • The design and implementation of the  Institute’s eEnvironment project
  • Responsibility for the development of Institute wide professional development programs that support the Institute’s eEnvironment project
  • Researching emerging technologies and innovative program delivery models
  • Providing specialist skills as appropriate within the Institute, and the wider community in Victoria, nationally or internationally as required
  • Providing Institute wide leadership in the design and development of blended learning materials particularly in regard to quality processes
  • Monitor the learner relationship with the Institute and participate with other senior educators to improve online systems for supporting the achievement of the Institute’s objectives

Jason Cartwright, Blended Learning Developer

Jason has been employed at Wodonga TAFE since 2002. As the Institute’s Blended Learning Developer Jason is responsible for  assisting in and undertaking the production of blended learning and online training products and associated components as they relate to the Institute’s eEnvironment. He also provides technical advice in the design, development and production of blended learning and online training products and associated components to all teaching and non-teaching staff

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