The Wodonga Institute of TAFE (WIOT) Executive are pleased to announce the establishment of Blended Learning eScholarships. These scholarships form part of its eInstitute initiative and will be available to WIOT teaching and non-teaching staff to encourage and develop blended learning practice across Wodonga TAFE.


Ten scholarships will be awarded each semester to teaching or non-teaching staff who demonstrate a need to develop their teaching practice into a blended learning mode.

Each scholarship recipient will receive targeted pedagogic and software training that relates specifically to Blended learning in the following areas-

What is required of an eScholarship recipient?

Each recipiant will be required to-

  • Participate in all mutually agreed workshops which will be in a blended delivery mode.
  • Create their own eScholarship blog and post to it regularly over the scholarship period detailing events (good and bad), skills they have learnt, how these skills may be implemented in their own department or in other delivery departments of Wodonga TAFE.
  • Deliver two (2) Blended learning workshop ‘Power half hour’ sessions.
  • Create a Blended learning artefact that will be used in their departments teaching practice; it may be used by them, their teaching department or the Institute as a whole.

What will be the measurable outcomes of the eScholarship participants post completion?

Graduates will gain skills and abilities that will allow them to –

  • Apply their blended learning skills to their current teaching practice.
  • Have the skills and knowledge to develop blended learning teaching practice within their delivery department.
  • Become less reliant on others for innovation or new practice.
  • Move blended learning into common practice across the Institute.

What’s in it for the participants?

As previously mentioned each graduate will complete their semester of self paced learning and gain new skills, abilities and perhaps a more strategic view of looking at their teaching delivery, aside from this the WIOT will provide-

  • $1500.00 to each graduate to be spent on PD (as chosen by the graduate); for example conference registration, travel and accommodation
Pic: / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0