eScholarship recipients

We are pleased to introduce our second semester eScholars, in the the upcoming week we’ll be posting further details about them and their projects, as well as links to their project blogs (stay tuned).

Again to all our recipients, congratulations and enjoy your new experiences learning about, and applying blended learning into your teaching practice.

Ruth Beecham
Community Services & Health

Project: Diploma of Allied Health online

About me: “I bought my first PC back in the late eighties, in the days of amber and green type on a black field, and nasty little messages appearing on the screen calling me an invalid. I never liked the rudeness. I figured no-one else would like it either. And they were a horrid shade of beige. I thought they’d never catch on.

My mistake.

The biggest problem is not knowing how they do it. It’s all Father Christmas land. Worse than that, I keep imagining a fuzzy cloud of email messages whizzing past me in a whole other reality, but one the buggers have hidden. Lots of secrets in Computer Land. This scholarship might just let me in on a few . Lift the corner of the curtain so to speak. Turn me into a regular Hercule Poirot. That’s what I’m hoping.

Richelle Bennett
Student Services

Project: Disability Support Workers in Tertiary education online
I will be working with the NDCO on recreating paper-based modules within the Community Services Training program for online study, these will be promoted to all TAFE’s across Australia through the NDCO program.

About me: I have been working as an Administrator in Learner Services for the past few months, and have been assisting various areas, including disability support.

Dianna Burr
Community Services & Health

Project: Diploma of Nursing online
My project will be focused on creating elearning experiences for Diploma of Nursing students based on what I as a student would like to use or have access to /interact with. There is nothing more exciting than the thought of being so immersed in learning that the medium used is invisible, that it is so user friendly and seamless to navigate, that your train of thought is being progressed effortlessly – high ideals but worth striving for. And at the end of the project I will probably only be at the beginning! But I expect to have an incredible journey getting there.

About me:
I have always been keen to embrace the new technologies, especially when relevant to my professional practice. And the notion of being involved in a project from the beginning, one that is evolving is even more exciting. Being a recipient of an eScholarship means that I will have the unique opportunity to fully learn and understand the possibilities and potential for using elearning at WIOT, as both a user and as a creator.

Rob Hillier
Continuous Improvement & Administration Services

Project: Celcat online
Development of a guide for learns to access Celcat and perform room bookings, in an e-learning environment.
About me:
I work within the Continuous Improvement Administration Services Department as The Team Leader Quality Systems. My responsibilities include maintaining accreditation against external standards and regulatory requirements such as ISO9001, AQTF and ESOS.

Maree Montgomery
Community Services & Health

Project: Diploma of Nursing online
An area of particular interest is to build and incorporate an interactive online component to the Diploma Nursing units, utilising the Moodle platform as a basis for the students to access learning tools, educators and exercises. Many of the units have the potential for the positive inclusion of online learning and assessment and provide the platform for us, within the nursing team to provide and build organisational capability to secure our future and thrive in a rapidly changing environment.

About me: A member of a fantastic team passionate about providing nursing education for our future.

I have been nursing for 28 years within the acute/critical care sector, having left for a short time to become a winemaker (I only imbibe now!!).I joined the education team here at WIOT 4 years ago and thoroughly enjoy observing the growth of knowledge and ability within our nursing students and feel the excitement and passion after their clinical placement.

Sharon Howlett
Learner Services

Project: VCAL online
This year I have been fortunate to be involved in a pilot program for VCAL. The program runs from the Retro Youth Café, Dean St, Albury. In 2011, we intend to use Moodle to assist with the delivery of the program. This e-scholarship will help me to gain the knowledge and skills required to achieve this.

About me: I’ve been working at WIOT since May 2006 and enjoy the challenges and rewards it brings. I teach VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) in the Learner Services Department. For those of you who have never heard of this it is a Year 11/12 equivalent which offers students the opportunity to achieve a Senior School Certificate and a range of VET units and/or qualifications.

Amanda Smith
Business, Communications & Service Industries

Project: CIV Training & Assessment online
Develop the new TAE Cert IV in Training and Assessment course in a blended learning environment. Initially this would involve using Moodle as the storehouse for resources, course information and additional activities which support the classroom learning environment. This would progress to students being able to study the TAE course in a blended learning environment with some learning achieved online and some in face to face workshop sessions. Some units in the future may be delivered completely online.

About me:
For the past three years I have been working for Swinburne TAFE teaching the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and the Cert IV and Diploma of Outdoor Recreation. I moved out of Melbourne one month ago after successfully applying for the new TAA/TAE teaching position at Wodonga TAFE. I am currently studying a Vocational Graduate Certificate in Education for Sustainability (EfS) and hope to imbed some of the principles of EfS into the TAE course.

Karen Armstrong

Project: Plant Identifiaction Hub

About me: I am a teacher in Water, Land & Food. I teach Horticulture Units and Arboriculture units to students studying Cert II, III & IV Horticulture (Arboriculture).

During my time teaching plant identification I have become aware of the need to help students achieve their qualifications while juggling study and work, and the need to support them is very important. Not everyone can be in a classroom and learn at the same rate. I see blended learning as the key to improving our teaching in a more flexible way.

About the project: An online plant identification hub which will focus on plants varities by location.

Sue Bloye

Project: BSBOHS201A Participate in OHS Processes

About me: I am currently Acting Team Leader in Learner Services.My teaching area is Adult Numeracy and Literacy and in recent years I have added to this with completed studies in OH&S.

About the project: I am hoping to inspire OH&S as it is a ‘dry’ subject that is taught as a core unit in most training packages. I am planning to develop a generic unit that could used to allow students to enrol flexibly &/or be an add-on for those many students who have completed some OH&S at school or in the workplace but need more depth to satisfy the requirements of their respective training packages.

Sue Burdett

Project: Online Institute style guide and  templates for learning resources

About me: I work within the Market Research, Strategy & Services Department as Web Communications Officer. My responsibilities include the staff intranet and website content management and development. I enjoy the variety of the job, working with other staff members and seeing things from other people’s and department’s perspectives.

About the project: Development of an Institute style guide, templates and learning resources in how to use templates that are based on the style guide, in an e-learning environment. The learning resources would demonstrate to staff how to take their current resources and update them to use them within a blended learning environment, and how to apply the technology to develop new resources. These templates would be able to be used by all staff across WIOT for teaching resources. This will ensure a consistent brand on all materials distributed to our learners.

Pat Ryan

Project: BSBITU202A ‘Use and Create Simple Spreadsheets’ online

About me: I have worked at WIOT for four years and prior to that I have had 33 years experience in the Logistics and Training industries. The best thing about VET training and assessing is that it provides the skills and knowledge for our clients to help them either obtain work or contribute towards their own personal professional development and careers. My favourite quote is “Question without notice, Answer without thought”

About the project: My short term project is to move the unit ‘Use and Create Simple Spreadsheets’ from TAFE VC to MOODLE and update it to meet the current version of the unit. My long term project is to create the eLearning resources on MOODLE for the TLI31107 Certificate III in Transport and Logistics (Logistics Operations)

Zoe Mason

Project: VCAL Student hub

About me: Click here to view a little about Zoe.

About the project: To transform the current VCAL Foundation Work Related Skills Unit 1 (WRS011) to a blended learning format to accommodate students with transport issues, mental illness &/or other barriers which prevent them from attending face-to-face classes on campus.

Fiona Pattinson

Project: Blended delivery for existing workers in the Diploma of Childrens Services

About me: I applied for the blended learning scholarship, to further my knowledge and training in different aspects of technology for myself and the students, that I teach in children’s services and beyond. I see blended learning as a thing of the future and believe that this will be a great opportunity for all TAFE students and facilitators, particularly me.It  will help courses become suitable, flexiable and fun for  students, from all walks of life in Australia.

About the project: This project will enable a children’s service hub to be created for all Diploma students to collaborate and share ideas, experiences and information. Using moodle I will begin with one unit of competence, focusing on Health and Safety for children.

Lydia Padgett

Project: Online National Forklift Refresher

About me: I started with Wodonga Tafe on January 2010, employed in the warehousing sector as a technical instructor, taking care of local and interstate trainees, forklift courses, VCAL students and Certificate IV course. Prior to joining the Tafe I spent the last 12 years with Wilson Transformer company as a Warehousing supervisor, and 11 years with the Royal Australian Airforce as a supplier

About the project: This project will enable students who require a forklift refresher course to do it online.

Liz Gassman

Project: Motorsports in the fastlane

About me:

I am the Administration Officer for Motorsports Training Australia.  I support and assist our teachers & students.  While working at MTA it has been identified that there is a need for online learning resources to be available, this would allow more flexibility in learning.  Blended Learning is the way of the future and opens so many opportunies for Motorsports Training Australia to expand learning throughout Australia.

About the project: Develop an online resources hub for units in the Motorsports Safety & Environment Cluster.