Getting help with Lync Meetings


Lync Meetings allow teachers to web conference with remote students. Sharing instant messages, audio, video and your desktop can approach that equal to an in-person or face-to-face experience. To make sure things go smoothly, you’ll want to make sure students test their setup prior to a meeting.

We’ve now made it easy to get to Lync help, simply head to Moodle and access ‘Lync Meeting’ from the Help menu. This page offers help setting up and testing audio, instructions on joining a Lync Meeting and information regarding scheduling a Lync Meeting.

To use Lync Meetings in your Moodle course, create the meeting link, add it to the unit (using the Add > URL feature) and ensure you point your students to the Help > Lync Meeting link shown above.

While internet connections are increasing in speed, some remote users still don’t have adequate speeds to support full video and audio sharing. You may need to consider recording a Lync Meeting and adding the video to Moodle for these users.

First meeting?
To ensure your students have a great meeting the first time they use LYNC, we’ve put together a step-by-step walkthrough video. Please recommend your students watch this to make sure things go smoothly.

Participating via the phone
If students experience issues, particularly with audio, you now have the option to allow them to join via phone. Creating a new LYNC meeting in Outlook will generate the information required (Australian phone number and Conference ID number). Sending this information or placing it in Moodle will allow participants to phone into the meeting.


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