Using Moodle as a tracking assistant

Binoculars portrait (dscn4659_mod_vign_sm)The latest upgrade to our Moodle from 1.9 to 2.1 has enabled us to employ lots of new tools and features that will no doubt assist both student and teachers, the most exciting of these are Conditional Activities & Completion Tracking.

With these two features working in tandem teachers are now able to better track which students in their courses are or aren’t-

  • Accessing course resources
  • Submitting assignments or completing quizzes
  • Participating in course forums

Below is a clip (longer than we’d normally produce) that demonstrates how our nursing teachers are using both the new features within the Diploma of Nursing program hub to track important information that must be read and understood by their students and that receipt must be retained for future use and reference by the teachers and possibly the Nusring Board.

If you’d like a further demonstration or advice don’t hesitate to book some time with the Learning Innovation team on ext. 6525

Enjoy and please leave a comment and ‘like’ the post.

The Learning Innovation team


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