Student feedback captured within Moodle

No matter how good we think our teaching is it’s important that we seek and receive  feedback to get ‘the real’ story

Question mark in EsbjergFeedback is essential to ensure the quality of our teaching and learning, that’s without question; what is is the method by which it is captured. Wodonga TAFE (WIOT) use a paper based method for collecting this data which brings with it a number of ‘issues’, a major one being retaining the anonymity of the respondents, the second the resources needed to collate the completed surveys.  By asking your students to complete surveys online you can avoid these problems entirely.

A nice way to capture this valuable data is via the Feedback module in Moodle. What does it do? Quoting directly from Moodle Docs it ‘allows you to create and conduct surveys to collect feedback from students.’ Yep, just what we want.

WIOT use two student survey templates to gain feedback from our students engaging in either ‘short’ or ‘long’ courses, to make life easier I have composed them within Moodle as templates. Once uploaded they are available to all teachers and all courses. Again quoting from Moodle Docs- ‘within the Feedback Module you can create and re-use sets of Feedback questions using the Template tool.’ Excellent! Create once, use many times!

Below is a video that we created that will show you-

  • How to add a Feedback activity to your course
  • How to then attach a template to your Feedback activity
  • What the student will see once they commence the Feedback activity

We hope you find this post valuable, please feel free to leave a comment.

The Learning Innovation team


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