Blended Learning, not a scary as you think !

In this guest post from Sharon Howlett, one of our eScholarship recipients,  Sharon shares her experience of entering the world of blending learning. Please give her some feedback by leaving a comment on this post.

Sharon HowlettAt first I was what you could call a bit apprehensive. I knew that this path was the way to go but it made me slightly anxious, I can’t say I’m a whiz with gadgets and new fandangled ideas! I’d almost put myself in the “I’m gonna do that” group. However the pros outweighed the cons and I jumped on board the Blended Learning trail.

As I sit here writing I can tell you that it hasn’t been as difficult as I first thought. I am developing a VCAL unit using Moodle(an online teaching tool) and I have found it to be a program that anyone could use. It is very simple and accessible. Through dabbling with technology in this setting I am finding that my inner geek wants to come out and play! I am in the process of using Glogster to produce fantastic posters, and am quite interested in learning the Camtasia program. I can see the benefits of using such a tool in the hospitality training industry.  I’d also like to get hold of a Flipcam and give that a try – filming processes and procedures so that students can see results first hand.

I am hoping that my new students in 2011 will also find Blended Learning tools as helpful to their learning as I envision they will be. To give them some piece of mind if they feel they are dragging behind in their studies. To enable them to access learning from home, the library or the next door neighbours computer! I can see the benefits, I hope they can too!

Sharon Howlett
February 2011


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