Learning resources on tap

Kitchen Tap by wwarby, on FlickrSometimes we get caught up in the moment and do things that in hindsight may not have been the best choice- creating resources is one of them.

There are many options available for teachers looking for learning resources and the Australian Flexible Learning Framework Learning Object Repository Network (LORN) is perhaps the best.

Click here to go to the Advanced Find feature within the LORN website.

As described on their web site LORN provides access to learning resources from a variety of learning material collections. The collections contain a variety of learning material types, from interactive digital learning material which can be incorporated into your learning management system to learner guides which can be printed. The beauty of this site is that you can search for not only different types of learning resources but you can also choose from resources that are totally free or from resources that have a cost attached to them, although this is not great when you start comparing the cost to you and your business to create and develop these your bespoke resources tas compared to these ‘out of the box’ solutions.

Without doubt there will be times when you will have the need to create resources or the LORN can’t provide what you need and that’s OK too but the LORN can be a good starting point.

Below is a clip that demonstrates how to-

  • Search for resources
  • find out what’s contained in a resource
  • Upload the resource (in this example a SCORM unit) to Moodle

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