Where to start when things are new…

http://www.flickr.com/photos/utpalnath/1683431349/Over the last couple of weeks the Learning Innovation (LI) team has been working with the current eScholarship recipients helping them kick start their scholarship projects. We’ve tackled this in a number of ways; meetings with the individual scholars, group meetings and by email and blog. We’ve also conducted practical workshops on Moodle, blogging, Camtasia, Any Video Converter to name a few, a recurring (and extremely pleasing) comment by the attendees has been “that was easy!”. It seems that our scholars are moving to the next step in their blended learning journey.

Bertrand Russell often spoke about ‘knowledge is confidence’ and what a powerful mix it is; without doubt our scholars are now in that mindset. They are stepping away from their preconceived ideas and fears of blended learning, Moodle and Web 2.0 and are entering that exciting time where they are walking and talking ‘the talk’. Suddenly we’ve found ourselves not helping/hand holding/comforting our scholars but instead answering questions that are asked within that nexus of knowledge and confidence. I see a real change in attitude and application from the scholars that suggests we’re on the right path strategically with blended learning and in particular the method by which LI deliver blended learning PD to our teachers. Our key aim is to keep it simple, pragmatic and hands on.

Lessons learnt by the Learning Innovation team- The time that we’ve spent to date with our eScholarship recipients continues to force us to recognise that some teachers may have the same fears that their students have when they enter the classroom. Those fears may, or may not be well founded but our challenge is to ensure that we support our learners with engaging teaching and learning resources, keep it simple and lastly, allow our learners to gain confidence by ‘doing’ and asking- not just listening.

Please feel free to leave a comment below, particularly regarding teacher PD.

The Learning Innovation team are heading of to conVerge 10, the sixth annual Victorian eLearning conference on Thursday so if you’re attending Jason & I will look forward to catching up with you.

Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/utpalnath/1683431349/

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