I could do that too, but…

Have you been hearing about the wonderful things your colleagues have been doing and experiencing in the course of their change to blended learning teaching practice and thought ‘”I could do that too, but….”?

Is this you?

Before you read any further watch the short clip below.

Did that ring any bells, is this where the ‘but’ comes in? Perhaps you’re thinking that it might get too hard; the learning process might get too involved, creating online resources might get too convoluted or  perhaps you think that you’re just not ‘geeky’ enough?

Our teachers have the runs on the board

With so many successful examples across Wodonga TAFE of teachers moving to a blended learning model that includes online teaching skills, new methods of teaching delivery (e.g. podcasting, Glogster posters, Moodle and Camtasia to name a few) you now have the opportunity to not only tap into the resources, teaching and mentoring services of the Learning Innovation team but a growing number of teachers and administration support staff who you can talk to about their experiences transitioning to blended learning delivery.

If you would like to view examples of work done by others across the Institute contact Geoff Young, Team Leader of Learning Innovation and he can arrange to either show you examples of your colleagues blended learning resources or put you in direct contact with a member of staff who can showcase to you their applicable learning artefact.

Still a little unsure?

As a little exercise complete the poll below and then compare your answers to the results of others- you may be surprised to find that others are feeling exactly the same way as you.

Making the first step

As Confucius might have said-  A journey of a thousand online courses begins with a single phone call.

Please contact Learning Innovation for help, advice and some genuine enthusiasm around blended learning- it’s what we do and we want to share it with you.

As well as completing the poll please feel free to leave any comments you may have , they’re always gratefully received and a great source of discussion with the team and our eScholars.

To our non- Wodonga TAFE online readers

If you’re attending conVerge10 please make sure you catch up with Jason Cartwright and myself  as we’ll both be there, we’d love to have a chat and swap online learning ‘war stories’ with you all.

Our next post

Stay tuned as we’ve invited a past eScholar to be a guest blogger who will post about her blended learning experiences at Wodonga TAFE- more soon!

Video source: http://www.edugeekjournal.com/ (via Sarah Thorneycroft on Twitter)

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