Drag & drop Resources & Activities in Moodle

One of the most important factors to ensuring user acceptance of new software is its functionality and ease of use.

It’s pleasing that the more our new adopters use Moodle the more surprised they are with its features and functionality, but with all new things there’s always something new to learn and sometimes something like a feature or icon becomes  the tipping point that makes you a dyed in the wool user, for me it’s the ability to drag and drop Resources and Activities within a Moodle course without having to use the arrow buttons.

Martin Dougiamas had this feature enabled when he presented Moodle 2.0 at Moodlemoot AU 2010 conference recently and it was amazing to hear the delegates reaction to seeing him dragging and dropping resources within his course rather than using the clunky move arrows that we’re more used to seeing and using. A large percentage of the delegates wrongly assumed this was a new feature of Moodle 2.0, not so, as Martin mentioned it’s been available for a fair while now.

Ammending your Moodle settings to allow this functionality is a very simple procedure and may be completed very easily. Click the following link to download a simple set of instructions- Drag & drop settings for Moodle.

(If you’d like me to make a video clip on how to find and change the settings leave a comment and if I get enough responses I’ll make one)

Enjoy, I hope that in the future it will make your course editing that much simpler and easier.

Geoff Young,

Team Leader, Learning Innovation


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