Why Blended Learning at Wodonga TAFE?

For many tutors the reason for providing blended learning is that it works, enabling them to support learning that focuses on the best learning style for each student. (Gulc, 2006)
What you need to remember is that online delivery is not ‘technology in search of a solution’. (Booker, 2000)

Some interesting thoughts expressed there and it’s important to remember that whatever we do as teachers must always be about our students; is what we’re doing or planning in the best interests of our students or is it just the easy option?

Wodonga TAFE (WIOT) is moving towards its vision of becoming a vibrant e-Institute and is doing so as expressed in its Strategic Plan by focussing on (amongst other objectives) the learner by providing-

… quality teaching in a flexible, supportive, and responsive learning environment that enables learners to achieve their work, career, and personal development goals. (WIOT, 2009)

To attain those goals WIOT has put in place a number of initiatives, all of which are aimed at increasing the ICT literacy of teachers which will then be reflected in their students’ increased ICT literacy capabilities. These initiatives include-

  • Staff learning and development (SLD) sessions which are delivered in a blended learning context. These sessions then mirror the proposed cross-Institute goal of blended learning delivery.
  • Blended learning eScholarships which enable WIOT staff to receive targeted pedagogic and software training that relates specifically to Blended learning.

By increasing the ICT literacy of its teachers and focusing on blended learning delivery WIOT believes it will provide an environment that focuses on each students learning style while at the same time providing its them with enhanced learning and life skills.  

How is your TAFE or learning Institution adressing blended learning? Plaese feel free to leave a comment below. 

Booker, D. (2000). Getting to grips with online delivery. Kensington Park: NCVER.
Gulc, E. (2006). Using Blended Learning to Accommodate Different Learning Styles The Higher Educational Academy.
WIOT (2009). Wodonga TAFE’s Strategic Directions and Business Objectives 2009-2012. Wodonga WIOT.

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