How do I add a YouTube video to my PowerPoint presentation?

“How can I get a YouTube clip into my PowerPoint presentation?” would have to be one of the most frequently asked questions we get (aside from “What does Moodle mean?”) so we thought it was timely to show you how to do it!

Like any new procedure it seems a little convoluted the first time but after that it’s a fairly simple process that will become easier the more you do it.

One step at a time

  1. Locate the YouTube clip you want to insert into your presentation and copy the link e.g. then-
    • add v/ after the
    • delete the = symbol
    • delete everything after and including the ‘&’ symbol
  2. The link should now look like this-
  3. Open your PowerPoint presentation to the slide you wish to place the YouTube clip (I alwayensuring you can see the Developer tab in the Ribbon Bar
  4. Click on the More Controls icon and-
    • Select the Shockwave Flash Object then draw a rectangle on your slide that matches the size of the clip that you wish to show. The rectangle will be a white box with a black cross on it
    • Right mouse click on this box and then select ‘Properties
    • Paste the URL into the ‘Movie’ box. NB: you may wish to make another couple of small(ish) changes in the properties window such as-
      • Change the Loop field to False if you only want the video to play through one time.
      • Change the Playing field to False if you’d rather manually start the video than have it automatically begin to play when the slide is shown. Once you’ve finished making your modifications , click on the red “X” in the upper right-hand corner of the window which will close it. All of your changes will be saved.

Now the fun bit

Press the F5 button on your keyboard and (fingers crossed) you should see the clip on your slide!

Good luck, it may seem a little complicated the first couple of times but once you get the hang of it will become easier each time.

Leave a comment below if you need a little more help or advice, good luck!



5 responses to “How do I add a YouTube video to my PowerPoint presentation?

    • We’re glad you enjoyed the information contained in our blog. Please feel free to recommend it to your friends & colleagues.

      Wodonga TAFE

  1. Would something similar be done for an email letter?

    Also, does this work on Mac, and if not, do you have any idea where I could go to learn that?

    This was marvelously written, and o-so-clear! Kudos to you.

    Hope to hear from you! U R appreciated.

    Thanks for this, and for any reply.

    • Paula,
      Thanks for your comments, they’re much appreciated. In answer to your queries-
      1/ Embedding an email- I’m not sure why you’d want to do that but perhaps take a screen grab of the email and then paste that image into your PowerPoint presentation- just a thought.
      2/ Yes it does work on the MAC, the process is a little different though, you may like to watch this YouTube clip that shows you how.

      Keep following our blog and tell your friends too 🙂

      Geoff Young
      Team Leader,
      Learning Innovation

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