The right tool for the job…

Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers


There is nothing more frustrating than having a little knowledge about something that fires your imagination and makes you want to try it straight away only to be stymied by “details”- how do I do this?, Where do I find that feature? Sound familiar? 

Wodonga TAFE is moving its LMS from TAFE VC to Moodle and is going through a period of change that is both exciting and frustrating as our teachers start using Moodle only to become frustrated with “details”.  Joyce Seitzinger, an eLearning advisor at the Eastern Institute of Technology in New Zealand has developed the fantastic “Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers” which helps teachers choose which Moodle tool will give you the best learning outcome taking into consideration what it is you want to achieve in the classroom or online; it even gives your choice a score based on categories in the cognitive domain of Bloom’s Taxonomy

It also gives a score on the tools’ ease of use- amazing stuff, really well thought through and extremely easy to follow. 

Many thanks to Joyce for her generous provision of use through her Creative Commons licence.

This is a must to download for all teachers new to or planning to commence blended learning teaching practice using Moodle.

3 responses to “The right tool for the job…

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  2. Thanks for all the kudos! I’ve gotten so many nice responses from education technologists who are using it in PD with staff, I’ve started a little fun side project to get pictures of education technologists with the tool – kinda put a face to the names. Another way for all of us to connect. Would love to have you add yours!

    Also, if you’ve translated or adapted it for your institution, please let me know. I’m trying to collect them all at my blog.

    Thanks again for the kind words! 🙂

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