Opening the door possibilities…

Sometimes wanting to accomplish something and having the skills to actually be able to do it are two different things. It’s amazing what a little bit of knowledge can do.

Computer skills are a great example of how a little bit of knowledge can open the door of confidence and help you to push out the boundaries of your teaching practice.

It’s easy to ask the resident ‘geek’ questions on how to do something with either hardware or software but invariably you’ll need to see it demonstrated a couple of times before you practice it yourself. Even then you’ll need to practice it a few times before you feel totally confident doing it on your own.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to see lots of computer hardware and software video tutorials in one place? If so consider having a look at Woopid.

As Woopid mention on their home page-

Watch free technology training videos! Get help and answer your computer and gadget questions with thousands of video tutorials for PCs, Macs, and tons of different applications.

All tutorials are-

  • Free to view
  • Can be emailed to others for viewing e.g. your students or colleagues
  • Easily book marked for future use
  • Easy to view and understand
  • Described in plain English (non-geeky)

Take a look; you’ll be pleasantly surprised by their quality and ease of understanding.

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One response to “Opening the door possibilities…

  1. Great site recommendation Geoff! I’ll be forwarding this hint on to my admin team. Has come at the perfect time given some of the PD conversations I’ve been having lately.

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