Making the best use of time in the classroom…

How many times have you said to your class ‘OK you’ve got five minutes to do this or find that’?

Have you ever given your class a group activity and said ‘you’ve got fifteen minutes to find all you can on….’?

That part is easy, the hard part is ensuring everybody abides by those time frames; Timer (ET) may be the answer.

ET is an online countdown clock where you set your time required (in minutes and seconds), once you’ve done that click ‘Go” and it will open a new window, countdown the time and once there is no more time it will give you a sound alert and a ‘time expired’ message.

Another nice feature of ET are the preset timers; you’ll see these on the web page but you can click here for an example (remember to turn the sound on your computer ON).

Et is a free, easy to use web based program that might have some benefits for you-

With ET running through a data projector your worries about activities not running on time or to plan might be over.

Please feel free to leave a comment about ET- how you might use it or your experiences if you have used it previously.


pic: / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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