Are your learners struggling with online learning too?

With the move towards flexible or blended delivery in the TAFE sector it is interesting to note that it’s not always the teachers who are struggling with learning new skills and learning methods; the students do too. 

How often have you found students lacking foundation skills which affect their ability to participate effectively, notwithstanding in an online environment? They may have low computer literacy and are also struggling with returning to study- challenging for any student regardless of age.

The TAFE Virtual Campus has developed a student resource entitled How to succeed as a flexible learner. This resource has been developed as a guide for learners new to the online learning environment and provides a range of information and activities to explore the skills and approaches needed to succeed when moving into an online learning environment.

Who is this resource directed at?
This self-directed resource is aimed at learners new to online learning but can also be used as a teaching resource for induction programs for your learners new to online.

Let us know what you think. Thanks to the TAFE Virtual Campus for this fantastic tool.


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