Using Moodle as a tracking assistant

Binoculars portrait (dscn4659_mod_vign_sm)The latest upgrade to our Moodle from 1.9 to 2.1 has enabled us to employ lots of new tools and features that will no doubt assist both student and teachers, the most exciting of these are Conditional Activities & Completion Tracking.

With these two features working in tandem teachers are now able to better track which students in their courses are or aren’t-

  • Accessing course resources
  • Submitting assignments or completing quizzes
  • Participating in course forums

Below is a clip (longer than we’d normally produce) that demonstrates how our nursing teachers are using both the new features within the Diploma of Nursing program hub to track important information that must be read and understood by their students and that receipt must be retained for future use and reference by the teachers and possibly the Nusring Board.

If you’d like a further demonstration or advice don’t hesitate to book some time with the Learning Innovation team on ext. 6525

Enjoy and please leave a comment and ‘like’ the post.

The Learning Innovation team

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We’re upgrading to Moodle 2.1

Workmen laying the cornerstone, construction of the McKim BuildingThis is just a ‘heads up’ to let you know that our Moodle site will be unavailable from 9/12/2011 6pm – 10/12/2011 6pm.

We’re upgrading to Moodle 2.1 which will be a fantastic improvement to our blended learning offerings. Our teachers and students will now benefit from additional features such as-

  • Activity tracking
  • Conditional activities
  • Improved text editing features 

Officially, but…

We’ll be offline from 6pm tonight till 2.30am tomorrow morning. From around 12pm tomorrow we expect that we’ll have our new theme sets in place and our custom settings locked in so if you’d like to try to log on from then (all things being equal) you should be able to. (Shhhhhh… Don’t tell Jason I told you this but if you try to log on at any time this evening the worst that may happen is that the site will look different)

Please note

Prior to and after the upgrade your Username and Password will remain the same.


The Learning Innovation Team

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Nancy White comes to Wodonga TAFE (Updated)

A picture of Nancy

Nancy White

Tomorrow (30/11/11) Wodonga TAFE in partnership with eWorks and GoTAFE will be hosting Nancy as she works exclusively with our teaching staff in a series of two workshops directed at how teachers can understand effective ways in which to use eLearning and communities within online environments, focusing particularly on strategies and principles.

Nancy is listed as one of the ‘top influencers’ in the eLearning industry. She is an international practitioner in understanding and practicing online group facilitation of distributed work, learning and community groups (presenter, writer, teacher, coach, facilitator, and rapporteur). As a technology steward, designer and builder of online interaction spaces (events, teams, learning groups) she has worked extensively with ‘web 2.0′ tools and approaches and community and instructional design.

Session 1



Targeted at teachers who are new to eLearning and those who are interested in getting into eLearning. Nancy will take you through a session about eLearning for beginners and demonstrate what makes a good online lesson.

Session 2


Aimed at teachers with a minimum of 1-2 years experience with online delivery, this session will provide more advanced information and will focus on monitoring the health of your online community, how to deal with situations when they occur online etc.

The sessions aren’t ‘about the tools’ but about the teaching and learning… they’re about effective ways to use eLearning and communities within online environments, with a focus on strategies and principles.

Like to follow what’s happening on the day?

  • Twitter- #WIOTNancy

  • Live blogging on this blog all day

  • Video streaming- The session has now ended, thanks to those who tuned in to watch live.



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End of year tasks in Moodle, don’t rely on Santa to do it for you!

SantaThis year our teachers made amazing progress with the continuing adoption of Moodle at Wodonga TAFE. Now dozens of teachers at Wodonga TAFE have integrated or are integrating Moodle into their teaching practice.

As we approach the end of the year, there are a number of tasks that must be completed in preparation for 2012. Those teachers who have incorporated Moodle into their teaching delivery should plan on discuss the following points.

Apply template
During the year, Learning Innovation worked closely with CIAS to create a Moodle course template. This template ensures we tick the right boxes with regard to compliance matters, it comprises of-

  • Learning program information in Moodle book format
  • Student acknowledgement sign off developed in a ‘quiz’ format
  • Student acknowledgment/sign off for assessment instructions developed in a ‘quiz’ format
  • CF61/2/3 Student evaluation forms developed in the Feedback module

This ensures students know and record via quizzes that record in the Gradebook that they understand their rights & responsibilities, what’s required of them (and us!) throughout the unit, what’s required of them (and us!) with each assessment and the evaluations provide teachers with a data-driven approach to validation and continuous improvement.

Not all courses within Moodle have had the template applied to them, if your Moodle course is one of them, please make some time with the  Learning Innovation team (Geoff on ext. 6525) to discuss how you can transition your course to the new compliance format.

Backup course
As courses finish for the year, you’ll need perform a backup to your Moodle courses so that you have a digital record of all that transpired. To do this, click on the Backup option under the administration block of each course. This option will present a number of options for what to include, please ensure all logs, users etc. is included, If you require assistance have a look at this prior post on our blog or you can contact Geoff on ext. 6525 to arrange some training. 

Reset courses – Now your hard work of developing a unit has been done, it’s easy to deliver it again in 2012. Once you have backed up the course, use the Reset option under the course Administration block. This will ask you which options you wish to reset, quiz attempts, forum posts, assignment submissions etc. With your selections made, continue through the prompts and your course will be reset.

If you require assistance have a look at this prior post on our blog or you can contact Geoff on ext. 6525 to arrange some training. 

Enrol 2012 students
With your course reset, you may need to enrol your 2012 students in your Moodle course. The most efficient method to achieve this, is to use the spreadsheet to bulk upload students into the appropriate units. As a teacher, or administration officer, you should be familiar with this process, if not contact Geoff on ext. 6525 to arrange some training. 

Create additional units
Now that you’ve seen the benefits of using Moodle for some of the units you deliver, you should now consider implementing it for other units. Please contact Learning Innovation to discuss how best to make this happen.

If you have any issues or questions regarding the tasks above, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with the Learning Innovation department at

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You spoke, we listened. Moodle now easier to access


A number of our students had requested we make Moodle easier to access. This week we made that change. Over the years we have done a fantastic job of promoting the Wodonga TAFE website address and people remember it.

So what better place to put a link to Moodle, than on that very well known front page. Better yet, the Moodle button isn’t just on the front page, but every page of the website, making it easier to access than ever, to access your online courses.

Wodonga TAFE continually improves by listening to student feedback, so if you have a suggestion, please get in touch.

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